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Game Rules

Much thought has been given to the development of our policies and game rules. They are designed to support the values of Newton Girls Softball. At each grade level the rules become a bit more challenging and closer to regulation ASA fastpitch softball rules. Our rules, by and large, work well for the vast majority of our players. Understanding, respecting, and adhering to NGSoftball’s game rules is an expectation for everyone involved.

Coaches & Teams

NGSoftball depends upon the dedication and effort of its volunteer coaches who devote many hours each season to support this program. Well-planned practices, run by caring and trained coaches, with well-played games by girls learning and enjoying softball will define our success.

Coaches should place a priority on teaching the game of softball (skills, rules and strategy). Coaches should take the game seriously, but not at the expense of fair playing time for all players or running up the score, which is poor sportsmanship. The final score will be forgotten 30 minutes after the game is played. Poor sportsmanship on the part of a coach or a teammate(s) will be remembered much longer.

Most girls will enjoy improving their skills, spending time with their teammates, and yes, winning. Achieving two out of the three should be considered a successful and fun event.

The league makes considerable effort to create relatively even teams to promote fair competition. Despite our best efforts, this goal is not always achieved. The primary tool utilized to create balanced teams is player ratings by coaches at the end of each season. Coaches are asked to support this effort by providing objective and confidential feedback regarding individual capabilities and strengths of the players on their team.

Zero Tolerance Policy

NGSoftball has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding player, coach, and parent behavior at all NGSoftball sanctioned events. We expect our values, rules, policies, and procedures to be observed and they will be enforced without exceptions, hence zero tolerance. Anyone violating this policy will be asked to immediately leave the playing field by an appropriate NGSoftball representative and to report the incident to the NGSoftball President.