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Hello Newton Girls Softball!

Thank you for your interest in the Planet Fastpitch Virtual Softball Program!  PFP is excited for the opportunity to work with you and your players.

Throughout this 4-week program your athletes will gain access to three drills per skill each week to be practiced on three separate days at minimum!  Within your google classroom athletes will receive a weekly zoom link for the 40-minute Virtual Team Meeting Huddle Up with a PFP Coach. Our huddle ups will be used to review the week and cover topics such as becoming a stronger hitter, base running & situations, defending the diamond and being a good teammate! 

Following our weekly meetings each athlete will need to fill out and submit the Virtual Training Activity Tracker linked below to let us know what you have completed and more importantly what you have learned. The forms link can also be found at the end of each program and must be completed by Friday evening.


1) Get the class access code from your Panther coach or e-mail Bill Hartranft at to get the code.

2) Log into Google Classroom 

Click the + button in the top right corner

Select “Join Class” and enter your the class code

FYI: Some players may use their school email as a primary google account. Often schools put certain restrictions on these accounts that do not allow students to join classes outside of the school’s curriculum. Please try logging in with another account. 

Any questions on your Google Classroom setup contact

3) Each athlete's PARENT/GUARDIAN will need to fill out the GENERAL LIABILITY WAIVER 

4) Click on WEEK 1 of the program to begin your training!

5) If any training questions arise we ask that they are written in the comment section of each lesson in the classroom. 

This will allow us to keep any training responses in one place and will allow other athletes to pull from those questions and answers should anyone have similar thoughts!

6) In addition, your program has added the Virtual Pitching Program.  The program will be loaded into your google classroom as well. Follow the same directions as above.  A zoom meeting is also included for the Pitching Level 1 program, weekly, with Brandice Balschmiter,  on Saturday at 2:00 pm. 

7) Click on WEEK 1 of the pitching program to have your pitchers begin your training! 

At the end of each training week your athletes will need to fill out their Activity Trackers! This can be located within their google classroom. It is important that these Activity Trackers are filled out following their training so we can track the progress of the program and report the information back to you!