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Rec League Umpiring

If you've played Softball and are currently in Grade 8 or older, you now have your chance to go behind the plate. Each softball season we are fortunate to use “local” umpires for our games.
If you played for NGSoftball, then you know that we love and support our student umpires.  Think back and remember how well the players and coaches treated the umpires in our league.  All we ask is that you show up on time, get and keep the games moving along and make the best calls that you can. This is a great opportunity to be on the other side of plate and to make a little spending money!

Our players and their families will greatly appreciate your participation. Veteran and New umpires alike, we hope your schedule will allow you to umpire with us this season. We will send an email nootification in February with specific dates and times. In general, this is the schedule:
NGSoftball Umpire ORIENTATION Meeting in March when you'll learn what it takes to umpire for Newton Girls Softball; game rules (before attending please review our rules for each grade division from our website), how to handle many different situations; determine which fields are most convenient for you; fill-out ASA umpire registration/insurance form; Q & A.
NGSoftball Umpire TRAINING Meeting #1 in early April
NGSoftball Umpire TRAINING Meeting #2 in late April 
-  As you see above, we will hold 2 umpire training sessions.  You will be required to attend at least one of them.
-  You will be paid at your regular game rate for each training session that you attend if you attend the orientation. If you skip orientation - then first training is considered your orientation.
 2020 Game Days
The season runs from April 26th – June 14th (NO games Memorial Day Weekend)
-  Wednesdays @ 5:45 pm (grade 5/6/7)
-  Thursdays @ 5:45 pm (grade 3/4)
-  Fridays @ 7:00 pm (one grade 5/6/7 game at Albemarle "Cole" under the lights)
-  Sundays @ 3:00 pm (grade 3/4); @ 5:00 pm (grades 5/6/7)
2020 Pay Scale
-  $20 per game: "1st year NGS umps" and/or attend middle school
-  $25 per game: "1st year NGS umps" and attend high school; returning umps attending middle school
-  $30 per game: returning umps attending high school; post-high school umps
-  PLUS a $5 per game bonus for perfect attendance (payable at the end of the year)
Questions for YOU to consider
-  do you have transportation to and from games.
-  which day(s) of the week can you absolutely COMMIT to.
-  is their 1 or 2 “known” exception(s) to your preferred day(s), due to a previous commitment that you cannot change.
-  what grade level are you comfortable umpiring (we have to determine our comfort-level as well).
-  if asked (and available) would you like to do 2 games on Sundays and/or Saturdays at the same field.
-  do you know basic softball rules and are you willing to learn the very specific NGSoftball rules for each grade you will umpire (available on our web site)
If you have any questions before you receive the informational email please contact Susan Boyer, Umpire Coordinator - 

If you love the game and have a good grasp of the rules, please consider umpiring with us this spring. We look forward to working with you.

Susan Boyer - Umpire Coordinator
Doug Clott - Umpire Trainer