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League Contacts

James Alandydy - Rec League Director, Grade 1/2 Commssioner 

Miriam Alandydy - Rec League Uniforms Director -

Susan Boyer - Umpire Director - 

Doug Clott - Past President - 

 Drew Freedman - Grade 5/6/7 Commissioner, Equipment Director - 
Jane Hahn - Panther Director - 
Erin Hanley - T-Ball Director - 
Bill Hartranft -Treasurer, Past President - 

George Howard - Grade 3/4 Commissioner - 

Jeanmarie Patriacca - Rec League Assistant Director, Past Rec League Director - 
Caroline Wilson - Communications Director - 
Mona Wong - Fundraising Director - 

Rec League Contacts

Questions or concerns are best directed to your child's coach or assistant coach. Individual coach contact information is displayed on each team's web page. In addition, you are always welcome to contact: 


James Alandydy
Rec League Director
Erin Morrison
T-Ball Director
James Alandydy
Commissioner, Grade 1-2
Caroline Wilson
Coordinator, T-Ball and Grade 1-2
George Howard
Commissioner, Grade 3-4
Andrew Rhine
Coordinator, Grade 3-4

Drew Freedman
Commissioner, Grade 5-7

Kerry Prasad
Coordinator, Grade 5-7


Panther Travel Teams Contacts

Jane Hahn - Panther Director -  ane@newtongirlssoftball.org