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by posted 05/22/2022

Good morning Golden Bear families,

Yes, it's going to be a hot one.  We will be playing today at 1:00 at Albemarle, and we want to be prepared for the heat.  With that in mind, here are some changes for today:

  • I'll be bringing a pop-up tent to give us some shade in the dugout. If you have one that's easy to tote, you might consider bringing it.
  • I'd encourage players to wear shorts rather than the polyester pants today.  
  • Make sure your player comes with plenty of water.  We'll be encouraging them to drink up whenever they're on the bench.
  • We'll be using a 6-pitch limit before bringing out the tee to make sure things move along quickly.  We did this during our scrimmage at practice on Tuesday, and it worked great.
  • We'll limit the game time to no more than an hour, so we should be done by 2:00

We're looking forward to seeing you at 12:45!  Stay cool until then!

Coach Peter

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Practice Tuesday
by posted 05/09/2022

Hi Golden Bears families!

We're looking forward to a beautiful evening for practice tomorrow night.  Because we're getting more daylight at the tail end of the day, we'd like to begin extending practice for those who are able to stay a little longer.  So starting tomorrow, we will practice 6-7:30, rather than 6-7.  We understand that some players may need to leave at 7:00, so we'll make sure there's a break in the action at that time.  We hope that taking a bit of extra time will give us a chance to work on critical skills and even have the opportunity to scrimmage from time to time.  We'll see you on the field!

Coach Peter

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